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Beauty and the Beast 2

Release Date: 17 March 2017
Disney Digital 3-D, RealD 3D, IMAX

Year    :   17 March 2017
By    :   United Atates of America
Directed by    :   Bill Condon
Genre    :   Family, Fantasy, Musical
Time    :   129 min. / 2:22
Budget    :   $160,000,000
Age    :   12+

Pissed Fairy Prince Adam turned into a hideous monster, because he was angry, rude and narcissistic. To remove the spell from himself and the servants of his castle, he must learn to be kind, to love and be loved. This should happen before with roses donated by the Sorceress, the last petal falls. In a distant village lived a beautiful girl named Belle. One day, her father Maurice is sent to the fair, but the road goes astray. Once in the enchanted castle, he becomes a prisoner of the Beast. Belle rushes to the aid of his father.

Rating:   IMDb  / 6.2

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Beauty and the Beast Blog Posts

Moscow. March 15th. INTERFAX.RU – The film “Beauty and the Beast” coming out this week in the Russian rolling, before the premiere proved a subject of criticism directed at the opposite side. In Russia, not looked at a picture of a State Duma deputy Vitaly Milon learn that one of the characters in the film – gay, demanded a ban of the film. As a result, it still came with us, but high for kinoskazki rated 16+. The Western critics who watched the film earlier Russian, accused the director Bill Condon (previously removed, among other things “Twilight. Saga. Dawn”) is that his work is totally devoid of novelty and almost to the letter (read: non-modal) reproduces the classic Disney cartoon 1991 of the year.

There is hardly any sense to retell the story “Beauty and the Beast” – the tale of Jeanne Marie Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont on an enchanted prince turned into a monster, spell from which you will remove only true love, know, probably all. At Disney for such a financial perspective projects such as the transposition of the famous story attracted heavy artillery: the “Beauty and the Beast” absolutely stellar cast. So beautiful – Belle plays Emma Watson, monster – outlined on the computer Dan Stevens, villain Gaston – Luke Evans, his friend LEF (spoiler without which you can not understand – is he gay) – Josh Gad. But Russian viewers will be able to evaluate the cast is only half – only for the credits they will know that in the original one, and the candlestick maker says stellar voice. Enchanted utensils voiced, including Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci.

Translation, fortunately, does not require visual range. The film is very well shot, and in many scenes – and it’s not just balls and battles, but also, for example, buying vegetables and booze in the pub – so visually rich and inventive, that audiences really are in a fairy tale. Enchants all – every rose petal, curtains or plate. However, several times under the splendor of the picture begins to sink and converted into visual images gushing hymn itself, but each time it manages to go back to the story.

Compensate significant borrowing from the writers of the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast” have decided, apparently, the introduction of several innovations in the plot, which only complicate it and inflate timing. But in spite of them, smartly and interestingly Condon tells a story in which there are three-dimensional (not only for 3D) characters. Best of all, perhaps, turned villains – the characters of Gaston and LEF, even to continue the game cardboard Watson does not irritate – it seems like such a little dumbfounded, and will look like a resident of the village, got the castle to the monster.

This Disney project confirms that each generation receives such tales, which deserves “Beauty and the Beast” – it is absolutely a movie of our time. In the role of Belle is a supporter of feminism dubious fortress opinions on tertiary roles – some black, which appear in the frame for two minutes. As for gay, mentioned earlier, they are in the film or not. If there were such a Buchi, no one would have noticed the alleged representatives of sexual minorities – an allusion to them so vague that can only excite Milonova. However, their very presence is characterized by: political correctness reigns everywhere now, even in fairy tales, but in general, obviously, absolutely does not mean anything.

As a result, “Beauty and the Beast” – a richly decorated, and close to the original, not only the image, but also the spirit of the film, which gives faith in miracles and plunges into magic. And because you can throw away all doubts about the relevance and usefulness of the picture and just be a guest of the fairy tale.